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About MShredder

What makes us.

We are a group of passionate snowboarders, based in Calgary Alberta Canada, surrounded by the world-class ski resorts such as Sunshine Village, Lake Louise, Kicking Horse and Revelstoke. We come from different culture, backgrounds, but our passion in snowboarding, the culture, the lifestyle, the nature, bring us together to live in our dream on the snow. That’s why here we are, being a mountain shredder.

What MShredder Provides

Kids Snow Equipment Rental

Tired of buying new sets of snow equipment every season for your kids since they’re growing too fast? Thinking about introducing your kids to winter sports but not sure what equipment to buy? Then why just buy, try junior seasonal rental with MSC!  

Introducing MSC Junior Snow Equipment Seasonal Rental for 2021-2022. With only $199 + tax, you will get a whole set of boots, binding, and board, available for both snowboard and skis. Equipment completely becomes worry free. Don’t wait until the snow starts falling to rent equipment for your kids! Prepare them for their season by renting their gear starting now.

Snowboard Package
Skiing Package

*Please note, to protect rental properties, $200 refundable deposit will be requested and paid on the date of equipment pickup. Full amount will be returned at the end of the rental terms. Please refer to the MSC Snow Equipment Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions for details. *


More Choice

Free access to the membership sessions, such as snow store’s seasonal presale parties, start of the months and any other seasonal events.

Money Save

Discounted member price for camps and courses

Free Online Coaching

1 free online coaching done by CASI LEVEL 4 instructors

Discounted Merchandise

We could offer our members discounted merchandise

First Notice

All of our Exclusive Offers will inform Premium Membership members first, and also our Premium Membership members will be the first to invited for our Special Events


Our Freestyle Team

James Gallagher

James Gallagher, also known as Jam, Jimmy. MSC Park Head Coach.

Previous FIS Professional Halfpipe Athlete, previous head coach for COP Professional Team in Calgary Canada. 

James is providing intermediate adult park training camps at WinSport Calgary Canada in season 2022/2023 with MSC, do not miss this great opportunity!

Aaron Tam

Aaron Tam, known as Tam, , MSC Freestyle Coach. Certified by Alberta Snowboard, with 21 years of snowboarding experience and 4 years coaching experience. 

Born and raised in Calgary Alberta, Tam enjoys  meeting and riding with some of the best snowboarders in Canada. It is with their advice and watching them ride over the years that really progressed his own skills. 

Tam will be teaching MSC Adult Beginner Camp starting from Feb 2023!

Ryman Hoffart

Ryman Hoffart, MSC Freestyle Coach, Previously competed at national level in Slopestyle and halfpipes. Has been coaching for 8 years from first Ollies and 180s to Olympic Qualifier athletes. 

Ryman also run summer and winter air bag sites, as well as helped build and operate multiple trampoline training facilities in Calgary. 

Ryman will be teaching MSC Adult Girls Camp starting in Feb 2023! 



Exclusive Online Coaching Partner with IMaximise, the world class training facility for freestyle snowboarding and skiing.  MSC and IMaxmise together strive to provide Online Coaching Services to all the snowboarders around the world,  with great passion about parks and freestyles. No matter if you’re grassroot park lovers, or professional athlete competing in the world cup, MSC IMaximise Online Coaching Service will help you receive the best coaching advice on your tricks regardless of where you are, and who you are. 

2021-2022 Lake Louise

MShredder Events

2021-2022 Lake Louise

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MSHREDDER have a special Membership which is  Premium Membership. You could Register the Premium Membership through our website. The Premium Membership has multiple benefits could use which are:

  1. Free Access to the membership sessions, such as snow store's seasonal presale parties, start of the months and any other seasonal events.
  2. Discounted member price for camps and courses
  3. 1 free online coaching done by CASI Level 4 instructors
  4. We could offer our members discounted merchandise
  5. All of our exclusive offers will inform premium membership members first.

We accept VISA/MASTER Card, PayPal, WeChat Pay and Alipay.

At the beginning, you need to buy the Online Coaching Ticket through our Online Coaching Page. After that, you will receive one Email Confirmation include your order number. Please keep it carefully and use the order confirmation number and back to website for uploading your video. 

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