2022 2nd Lake Louise Season Opening Carnival

Mshredder 2022 Events

The 2022 Lake Louise Season Opening –  Game of Thrones – The Call of the Frozen Throne is a large-scale outdoor skiing/snowboarding event organized by Mountain Shredder Snowboarding, the largest Chinese snowboarding club in North America.

The 2022 opening event is based on the theme of Game of Thrones, and the battle for the Frozen Iron Throne will be launched for 4 nights and 3 days. Participants will be divided into 10 “Ice and Fire teams”, during the event, they will challenge seven mission point games located in the Lake Louise ski resort to earn points. The content of the game varies in difficulty, suitable for all ages. The final winner will get a $2500CAD cash prize in the king’s night.

Participants of the event will stay at Banff Irwin’s Mountain Inn, the official designated hotel for the event on November 10, 2022, the game will officially start on the 11th, and the King’s Night Carnival Party on the 13th. Participants will check out and leave the hotel on the 14th .

Hundreds of people from Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton attended the 1st Open Carnival in 2021. The second event in 2022 will be completely upgraded, combined with the long weekend, it is expected that the number of participants will reach 200-250, from Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa and the United States.

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