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MSC Competitive Training Private Sessions


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Course and Camps Introduce: MSC is now proudly to offer private competitive training sessions at both COP and Sunshine Village. Come and train with Coach James Gallagher and Ryman Hoffart on Halfpipe, Westline Parks, Mountain Riding and Sunshine Wholly Bowly. COP private session opens 3 hours training session at $250 (able to share among ahletes); and Sunshine full day training 6 hours costs $750 per day (minimum 5 athletes to start). Costs including training fee, insurance, coach milage. Doesn’t include ski resort pass. Private sessions open to stage 3 and above athletes to join. Come and train with MSC starting today!

Strategic Partnership

MSC Annual Development Competitive Training Plan

Invest in your child’s future as a competitive snowboarder with MSC’s Annual Training Plan.

Come and join MSC Annual Competitive Snowboarding Training Plan with Canada Snowboard Certified Coaches. From Dev 1-3 teams, on average 2 to 3 times training per week at WinSport with occasional Sunshine Trainings for mountain riding and professional trampoline trainings. Start training and compete in Spring 2024 as a stage 3 youth athlete today! Detailed training plans and schedule will be launched in September 2023 Season Opening Orientation. Registration for annual training plan starts NOW!

Development Team 3

$ 2,700
  • Target:Stage 3 Beginning
  • Trampoline: NO
  • Total Practice: 35
  • On Snow: 114hrs
  • Mountain Riding: 3 Times

Development Team 2

$ 3,880
  • Target: Stage 3
  • Trampoline: 18hrs
  • Total Practice: 43
  • On Snow: 114hrs
  • Mountain Riding:3 Times

Development Team 1

$ 4,758
  • Target: Stage 3-4
  • Trampoline: 18hrs
  • Total Practice: 60
  • On Snow: 180hrs
  • Mountain Riding: Twice/Weekend


MSC Summer Dry Slope Training


Don’t let the absence of snow in the summer dampen your spirits! At MSC, we’ve got you covered with our exclusive dry slope training program in collaboration with WinSport Calgary. Experience the thrill of riding in shorts and short sleeves as we bring your winter dreams to life. Our specialized dry slope training is designed to enhance muscle memory, allowing you to sharpen your skills and stay in top form all year round. Don’t waste a single moment of the summer – join us and build strength, confidence, and prepare yourself for an even more incredible winter season ahead.

MSC Freestyle Training

Welcome to the official website of MSC Freestyle Team, your ultimate destination for enhancing your park skills and taking your freestyle abilities to new heights. 

Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced rider aiming to refine your technique, our team of dedicated professionals is here to guide you every step of the way. With our weekly training sessions on both snow and trampoline, you’ll develop the confidence, strength, and style needed to shred the slopes and compete with the best. Join us today and embark on an exhilarating journey towards becoming a freestyle powerhouse. Get ready to soar, push your limits, and experience the thrill of freestyle skiing and snowboarding like never before.

MSC Little Tigers Program

We are thrilled to announce that MSC has teamed up with WinSport to introduce the groundbreaking Chinese Immersion Snowboarding Kids Training Program. Every Wednesday from 5PM to 7PM, young riders can dive into the world of snowboarding while learning in their native language. Our MSC CASI certified instructors will deliver all courses exclusively in Chinese, ensuring a comfortable and engaging learning environment. Tailored specifically for the Chinese community in Alberta, this program is designed to foster cultural connection and provide an exceptional snowboarding experience. Please visit the MSC Little Tiger Page on our website for further details and registration information. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to empower your child’s snowboarding journey within a supportive and immersive Chinese-speaking setting.

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