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MSC and IMaximise have reached exclusive partnership to provide Online Coaching Services to all the snowboarders around the world,  with great passion about parks and freestyles.


No matter if you’re grassroot park lovers, or professional athlete competing in the world cup, MSC IMaximise Online Coaching Service will help you receive the best coaching advice on your tricks regardless of where you are, and who you are.


We work our best to provide the world class learning resources to all of you. Get excited and explore your potentials starting now!

About Maximise and Max Hénault

MAXIMISE is a specialized training center for snowboarding and skiing in the field of Freestyle/Slopestyle/Big Air. The goal is to offer the highest quality training facility to maximize the progression of all athletes.


Established by Max Hénault, Maximise has been highly recognized in the world of Freestyle snowboarding. Throughout the years,  Max has coached internationally recognized figures in freestyle, slopestyle, and big air competition such as Seb Toots, Max Parrot, Julia Marino, Laurie Blouin, Edouard Thérriault, and Nic Laframboise.


Now at the age of 46, Max wanted to pass on his knowledge and expertise to every passionate snowboarder to continue giving them the chance to exploit their talents to the fullest. Giving back to the community and have the Maximise legend go on.

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Students will be submitting a 30 seconds riding videos of their own, and submit it through the MSC Online platform. Once video is received, the CASI Level 4 instructors will closely evaluate the riding and diagnosis the issues the person is having. After finding the issue, instructors will be providing a useful and constructive advise and solution targeting the areas needs improvement, to assist the students reach better riding skill in general.

IMaximise Online Coaching

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