Mshredder Online Coaching

MSHREDDER Online Coaching

Mountain Shredders’ newly introduced online coaching is the perfect solution for anyone needs a quick yet useful advise, on how to improve riding skills , and receive constructive feedback in general. MSC is working closely with the world’s top instructors (CASI Level 4) to provide virtual teaching in a quick and effective way.

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Students will be submitting a 30 seconds riding videos of their own, and submit it through the MSC Online platform. Once video is received, the CASI Level 4 instructors will closely evaluate the riding and diagnosis the issues the person is having. After finding the issue, instructors will be providing a useful and constructive advise and solution targeting the areas needs improvement, to assist the students reach better riding skill in general.



Receiving professional advise has never been easier than this. Just with a click, you will receive most effective advise in such a timely manner. No more hassle of spending tons of money or wait in line for the top instructors, we bring all of these to you.

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MSHREDDER have a special Membership which is  Premium Membership. You could Register the Premium Membership through our website. The Premium Membership has multiple benefits could use which are:

  1. Free Access to the membership sessions, such as snow store's seasonal presale parties, start of the months and any other seasonal events.
  2. Discounted member price for camps and courses
  3. 1 free online coaching done by CASI Level 4 instructors
  4. We could offer our members discounted merchandise
  5. All of our exclusive offers will inform premium membership members first.

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At the beginning, you need to buy the Online Coaching Ticket through our Online Coaching Page. After that, you will receive one Email Confirmation include your order number. Please keep it carefully and use the order confirmation number and back to website for uploading your video. 

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